FINRA Will Permanently Disclose Disciplinary Actions Against Former Brokers on BrokerCheck

FINRA announced yesterday that it won approval from the SEC to expand its BrokerCheck service to make records of final regulatory actions against brokers permanently available to the public, regardless of whether the broker continues to be employed in the securities industry.

The FINRA press release states disclosure records for former brokers will be available on BrokerCheck beginning November 30. It goes on to state, “This is an important step for investors and for investor protection,” said FINRA Chairman and CEO Richard Ketchum. “Individuals previously barred by FINRA and other regulators have surfaced in a number of recent frauds in other parts of the financial industry that cost unsuspecting investors millions of dollars. It has never been more critical for investors to research the backgrounds of the financial professionals they deal with than it is today.”

This is an important addition to the publicly available regulatory records of former brokers. Often times, permanently barred brokers, traders and salesmen will attempt to work at unregistered entities such as hedge funds. It is difficult for potential investors to do due diligence on a hedge fund manager without the historical BrokerCheck information. In the past, if a registered representative was out of the business for more than two years, a public investor had no access to the broker’s disciplinary record.

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