Securities Attorneys Multiply

Securities arbitration attorneys seem to be everywhere. Since the market collapse last October and the high profile securities frauds committed by Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford, the ranks of attorneys who represent investors has grown significantly. As other litigation areas have struggled in this new economic climate, securities fraud is alive and kicking. Many litigators who have little experience in securities fraud arbitration and litigation are now holding themselves as experts in the space. Be wary.

Representing investors who have been defrauded by brokerage firms, investment advisors, banks, hedge funds and trust companies is a very specialized practice area. Investors searching for counsel should ensure that any securities attorney they hire has been through the wars with the investment industry. Significant securities cases are often defended by the large Wall Street law firms. A neophyte will be exposed.

How does one find an experienced securities attorney? A good place to start is PIABA – the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association ( PIABA is a national organization of attorneys who represent investors in arbitration proceedings against Wall Street firms. The PIABA site has a listing of attorneys by state who handle these matters. Speak to multiple attorneys before you hire one. After being taking advantage of once by the investment industry, make sure you’re not making mistake number two. Hire attorneys who practice securities law for a living.

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