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The market for financial advisors to transition from one firm to another is thriving despite less broker dealers being part of the Broker Protocol, the global economy being at a near standstill, and millions of Americans applying for unemployment on a weekly basis. The wire houses are actively recruiting and Fidelity recently announced its hiring efforts: With a volatile stock market causing extreme angst among investors, advisors are in high demand as they calm unsteady nerves and identify investment opportunities for weary clients. Given these realities, it would seem an unlikely time for advisors to make the jump from one firm to another. But many advisors – and the firms who have stepped up their recruiting efforts during the pandemic – feel otherwise.

Attempting to move an entire book of business during unprecedented market volatility can certainly be a risky endeavor, but there are good reasons to consider taking the leap at this particular time. Having experienced counsel will help too.

First, in light of the stock market roller coaster of the past several weeks, investors are more inclined to remain with the advisor upon whom they’ve come to rely, regardless of which firm he or she works.

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